What would my donation provide?

Your financial support will help us continue to provide food to our recipient partners and to pay our Food Rescuers a living wage during this chaotic moment in history.

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See your Impact

“Many participants of Youth Spirit Artworks are employed in industries that have been greatly impacted by COVID-19, which causes great food insecurity. Having free meals delivered to their homes by Replate has allowed them to meet their basic needs and alleviated significant stress caused by COVID-19. I hear daily from YSA participants and how grateful they are for this food resource.”

- Jackie Mollitor, Lead Social Worker, Youth Spirit Artworks

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We love our partners!

Foxtail Catering and 415 Catering have called on their clients for support on their new initiative 415 Family Meal, so that Foxtail and 415 can create the beautiful and nutritious meals that they’re known for - and Replate can bring them to our partners across the Bay Area, from soup kitchens and shelters, to the homes of families and those most at-risk.

Want to partner with us? We’d love to talk to you!